Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday Miscellany

Tuesday morning text message exchange with my mother:
Mom 8:51am: Sophie just ate a juicy mouthfull of someone else's diarrhea.  She stinks.  Any suggestions?  I can't find the doggie toothbrushes.  Help.
8:53: I would just use a regular toothbrush.  The dog toothpaste should be in the med cabinet.  Tell her she is gross.
9:06: I misread and used Crest.  Is that bad?
9:23: Oh lord, mother.

I drove Fire the stud dog back to PA yesterday.  He didn't fit in my car very easily and spent the entire journey trying to get comfortable.  Stay tuned for Fire x Blondie babies in about 9 weeks!  During my journey, I learned that PA radio bleeps out the word "sex" from songs.  America is so weird.

ABC aired the video about Rose and ECAD last night.  Check it out:

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  1. They bleep out 'sex' in Vegas too. I mean seriously, there are naked billboards on every corner, but singing 'sex' is a no-no?

    Also, I wish I has your life. Doggy summer camp looks like too much fun and your garden is beauteous!