Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Ms. Lia to you, kid

By some strange, probably all too common under-staffing issue, I was put in charge of teaching the afternoon class of students today.  In case you aren't sure how to react to this, I will tell you that it was kind of a big deal.  And while I wouldn't say that I knocked it out of the park, I will say that Ms. Lia (yeah... that's weird), managed to corral the boys and actually get some dog training done.  They were testing me and pushing as many buttons as they could, but in the end they did as I asked and worked really hard.  I didn't lose any kids, I didn't lose any dogs, and we managed to do some serious work for more than an hour.  *Patting myself on the back*
Garrison enjoying his belly grooming

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  1. Yay Ms. Lia! Small wins my dear, small wins. Love, Super