Pauly's Page

My name is Pauly, but you can call me Paulywog, Wog, or P-Wiggle (that's my street name).  I guess you can see in my picture that I'm a big, black lab with the hugest head you've ever seen.  Mom says my head's so big because I need room for my giant brain.  I love to eat and sleep and I also like swimming and playing with mom and my dog friends.  I used to be training to be a guide dog, but I have allergies so they said I couldn't do that.  That was ok with me, though, because I love sleeping in bed with mom and on the sofa and I really, really love that I get to live with her forever and ever.  I'm a registered therapy dog, which means I'm allowed to go to work at ECAD with mom every single day.  I love the students, the staff, and the dogs there and I've learned an awful lot just by sitting under mom's desk.  Enjoy reading about our adventures!
Wags and licks,

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