Sunday, June 12, 2011

Migliori Amici

I am selfishly extremely thankful for the downpours yesterday which caused my nearest and dearest friends to cut their camping trip short and come home for the weekend.  I opted out of the camping trip because my parents are celebrating my brilliant little brother's graduation in Chicago (top of his class, phi beta kappa) and I am a single mother of three (dogs) for the weekend.  The thought of being stuck in a tent on a beach with them was not my idea of fun.  Erika made delicious pizza dough, we each did our own toppings, and the gang was back together again (minus Jillian, who we miss(ed) very much).  Apologies for the cell phone-quality.
Erika's beautiful homemade pizza dough
Lauren analyzing the anchovies
How many smart girls does it take to get the pizza onto the cutting board?
Christina and Lauren showing off their masterpiece
Lia and Kristen's (winning) pizza on the left
Aditi and Erika's deep dish
They are going to kill me.
Best friends

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