Sunday, June 19, 2011

5 Dogs ≠ Relaxing Day Off

While the title of this post is true, 5 dogs does not equal a relaxing day off from my job training dogs, it does equal a fun and exciting and unproductive day spent frolicking outside.
This is how Sophie fell asleep last night
"KK" looking very cerebral in 'her' chair
Sophie being patient with the Pipsqueak

"Whew! Chasing butterflies is tough work"


  1. How do you handle five? You can't let them off their leash, can you?

    Btw, Pipsqueak...what a funny name :p

  2. That's not actually her name, but it's close enough! Our yard is fenced so they go off leash outside. At least the big kids do, the little one stays leashed because she can sneak out under the fence.

  3. omg can we talk about sophie's sleeping? Love, Super