Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Week in (Crappy Cell Phone) Photos

Enjoying my last days in my neighborhood
"No Dogs Aloud" Ok, I'll make sure he pees silently
A couple taking wedding photos at the cathedral

P-wiggle and I enjoying coffee and Newsweek

The awesome/crazy sculpture at the cathedral

Goodbye cathedral

Girls weekend in DC, driving all the way down with Olivia with windows wide open, hair blowing, and Taylor Swift blasting, getting manicures, shopping, eating, reading, relaxing, catching up with my wonderful aunt and cousin
My "baby" cousin relaxing at Red Door Spa

The difference between a quality manicure and a hole-in-the-wall cheap-o manicure
Moving Day
2 years of my life

Making sure nobody steals or tickets the UHaul

Saying goodbye to their friend, Winston

After loading the truck, a dog and his bed remained

Loaded up and driving home

There was a lot of traffic

Tight squeeze on the front floorwell

There was just so much traffic, I had to entertain myself by taking pictures


  1. I'm just impressed you got two dogs in the passenger floor well!

  2. I try to get Pauly to ride on the seat in the back, but as soon as we start moving, he jumps down into the floorwell (crushing his sister).