Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Gnomes!

It was a wonderful weekend, starting with the Guide Dog Foundation volunteer party.  It was really fun and I enjoyed getting an opportunity to visit with all the employees, puppy walkers, friends, and pups.  I was sad and moved saying goodbye to everybody since I won't be allowed to volunteer with the Guide Dog Foundation any longer.  My new job is with a "competing" organization, so my parents will continue raising for GDF but I have backed off from my responsibilities with them.  It was lovely hearing how appreciative everybody was of my time and efforts and getting to say goodbye to the wonderful people I have worked with. 

At volunteer day, I met Olivia P who is an area coordinator in Georgia for the GDF.  She was visiting to receive an award and didn't know anybody in NY, so I brought her home to hang out with me and my friends coming out from NYC for a beach weekend.  Olivia P was awesome and it was a pleasure having her and talking puppies with her (and I think she had fun, too). Nupur and Olivia, friends from Columbia, came out and we had a delicious BBQ, margaritas, daiquiris, ice cream, and girl talk.  It was an awesome evening.
Well, the flowers are in focus (Nups, Oli, and Olivia P)
This morning, Nups and Oli and I spent the morning at the beach.  We got a tasty lunch, shopped, and got more ice cream.  It was such a fun weekend!

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