Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Truthiness, Foodiness, and Sleepyness

Looking pissed because I'm making them take this picture
To celebrate my dear friend Kristen's birthday, I got tickets for all of us to go to a taping of the Colbert Report last night.  It was so much fun!  I've never been to a taping before and I was excited but also worried that it would be really tedious and long with lots of retakes and delays.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Colbert does almost no retakes and being in the audience is like seeing exactly what's on tv, only funnier and more fun.  The studio was smaller than it seems on tv, but not as small as I'd anticipated based on my one in-studio experience touring TRL as a pre-teen.  Colbert did a Q&A session before the show began and he is actually a charming, kind man when he's "out of character".  When it comes time to get into Colbert Report Stephen, he does crazy face exercises and molds himself in the sarcastic, funny, asshole comedian we know and love.  His face stretches reminded me a bit of Jim Carey in The Mask for some odd reason.
The White Ticket
Some of us got the best seats in the house because the security guard thought Christina was a hotty and gave us a special "white ticket" to sit up front. I knew it was worth feeling ugly to keep her around!  Good thing she doesn't read my blog, she'd be mortified to see this published.

After Colbert was over, we walked a few blocks to Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center where we indulged in delicious Thomas Keller delicacies.  So tasty and a perfect ending to a Monday night celebration. 

Kristen's favorite dessert, birthday style

This morning, at the crack of dawn (ok, not really, but 7:30 is super early!), I took the dog I mentioned in my previous post to the airport where he was being picked up by the girl who raised him.  She was supposed to arrive at midnight last night, but the flights got canceled (which was a relief for me not to have to go pick her up at LGA after the birthday festivities).  I was surprised by two things: 1. She didn't cry and 2. I did.  Seeing them greet each other actually brought tears to my eyes because it was both so happy and so bittersweet (I hate that word and now I've used it twice.  I'd like to request a synonym please.) because we know they only have a short time left together. 

Alas, I am exhausted.  How exhausted?  Well, for the first time in our 7-year relationship, I actually completely forgot to call Jay last night.  I didn't even realize until he called this morning to make sure I was still alive.  I will use today to get my life back on track (and come up with a topic for my epi paper and go to a meeting at school and walk Pauly and Sophie and clean my apartment and go to sleep at 8pm).
Sophie is exhausted too

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