Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I Love My Dogs Today

Why I Love Pauly:
Even though he isn't with me, he made me laugh today.  My brother, Jake, is taking care of Pauly for the week because he is on Spring Break and Pauly loves staying at my parents' house.  Jake doesn't know much about dogs and doesn't much like them, except for Pauly.  Pauly, like any child with a substitute teacher, took the opportunity to be stubborn and push his limits.  As soon as they turned towards home from their afternoon walk, Pauly protested by rolling onto his back in the middle of the street.  Jake, not knowing how to deal with this situation, attempted to coax him to get up and eventually resorted to carrying all 75+ pounds of Pauly all the way home. 

Why I Love Sophie:
I had class all day, so my wonderful friend Nupur, who usually walks Pauly on Wednesdays, agreed to watch Sophie.  Nupur's apartment has floor to ceiling glass windows and recently Sophie has developed a fear of heights.  She is especially sensitive when she's near glass windows in tall buildings.  Nupur didn't know Sophie was working through this fear, but when I got there to pick Sophie up, Nupur told me that it took her a really long time to venture over to the window side of the apartment.  After 2 hours of being at Nupur's, Sophie went all the way over to the windows, conquering her fear all by herself, in a strange place, with somebody she doesn't know very well.

Aren't dogs amazing?

"Stop blogging!  My dinner is 12 minutes late and I'm STARVING!"

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