Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Thinker: Take Our Poll

According to a NYT article, "14 to 62 percent of the 165 million dogs and cats in this country sleep in bed with humans".  We've taken our share of biostats and we think 14-62% is a mighty big range.  That's the difference between 23 million pillow hogs and 102 million!  So we're taking our own poll: Does your pet sleep in your bed?  Leave a note in the comments section with your answer and don't forget to tell us why.

And in case you're a beauty before brains kind of reader, enjoy these photos of my beauties:

Sophie loves snuggling with her big brother.

Pauly prefers to sleep alone.


  1. One of mine sleeps with me. The other doesn't! Their choice not mine.

  2. She's happy on her bed downstairs. She isn't even allowed upstairs where bedrooms are because of family allergies - we'd like at least 1 floor that's relatively dog hair free! She's so good, she has never even attempted to go upstairs.

  3. Maria, she's such a good dog!

    I never allowed dogs in my bed, but Pauly spent a week with my mom and she let him in and I've never been able to undo it. He takes up the whole bed and all of the covers, too!

    Of course, GDF pups aren't allowed in bed, so "Sophie" has a comfy dog bed of her own.

  4. Both of mine sleep under the covers with me.