Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Days

The weather is finally getting warm and we got to spend tons of time outside this weekend.  Jay came to visit and we’ve had so much fun playing outside, going to the beach (twice!), and enjoying each others' company.  Plus, there’s no work to worry about because it’s Spring Break!  A picture says a thousand words, so without further ado, some pictures of our happy days.  I sure hope it’s contagious and we make you happy too!

Pauly found an old ball on our walk that led to a good game of chase.
Pauly wins!  Sophie is distracted by something smelly/shiny/tasty.

Sophie is much faster and takes corners like a race car.   Pauly knows the only way to beat her is to distract her.

A beautiful day for the beach

Oh, boys!  Making the same face with the sun in their eyes.

Apparently it wasn’t too cold for swimming. 

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