Sunday, February 27, 2011


Through some very last minute, strategic, crazy planning, I traded the dog I was supposed to be watching for the week, "Holden the Golden" for this sweet boy:

I was sad to see "Holden" go because he was a lovely dog and an excellent house guest and he had the perfect energy level for Sophie.  Unfortunately, the new visitor has fast-growing tumors and his life-expectancy is down to just a few weeks.  The good news is, someone loves him very much and she is flying from out-of-state tomorrow (the week before her wedding) to pick him up and bring him back home!  With the last minute-ness and the flight schedule and everything, the only way it would work out for her to get him was if she stayed with me in NYC tomorrow night and I picked up the dog today.  So, of course, that's what we're doing. And yes, he's sitting on my couch and being spoiled rotten.

Having him here makes me realize how thankful I am that everybody around me (dogs and people) are healthy and happy.  It also makes me thankful that dogs live in the moment, because you wouldn't even know this dog was sick as he's just running around and playing and loving his life (and tennis balls!).  It's beautiful and very bittersweet.

I promised this blog wouldn't be all about dogs, but right now that seems to be all that's going on in my life. Four dogs in a week - it's like a revolving door!  Tomorrow I'm going to the Colbert Report for my friend's birthday, so be sure to watch and try to spot me in the audience.  I can't wait until Tuesday when things are back to normal and it's just me and Paulywog.  We're going to order delivery and watch NCIS reruns and it will be blissful.  Then maybe I'll think about getting back to work on my thesis and figuring out what's going on in my classes.  It's a miracle I'm even keeping my head above water given that I haven't done school work in a week.

For now, give your loved ones a kiss and be thankful for what you have.  

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