Friday, April 1, 2011

Whirlwind Week

First things first in case you get bored and don't read past the first paragraph: Please visit my friend Erin's blog and fill out her research questionnaire about your dog.  I know her hypothesis and I'm curious to see her findings, which will only be valid if enough people complete the questionnaire. 

This has been a totally whirlwind week.  On Sunday, I went to a neighborhood in Queens called Jackson Heights, which is a predominantly Indian neighborhood.  Thanks to my Queens-native classmate, Hannah, we went to the most delicious and inexpensive Indian lunch buffet ever.  For $10, we gorged ourselves on hot, fresh, authentic Indian food that was better than any I've ever had (other than homemade by Jay's grandma and aunt).  After our feast, we perused the shops filled with jewelery and saris with gorgeous beading and colors.  A severe food coma ensued and I believe I sat on my couch for the remainder of the afternoon. 

Also this week:
  • All-day job interview at Yale: went well but I don't think it is the job for me.  Beggars can't be choosers, but I'm looking for a career, not just a job.  Great job, not great career. 
  • Pet therapy at the hospital: Pauly was so popular and it was a shame that we could only stay an hour before sprinting off to Connecticut.  For the first time, we even got people out of bed to help me walk him down the hospital corridors.  One lady in a full-leg cast even hobbled with us all the way to the elevators when it was time to go.
How could this not cheer you up?
  • In Connecticut, I spent the night with my mom's best friend, Kate, and her granddaughter, Zarah.  It was cozy and fun and I loved spending time with them.  I'm not a big fan of kids, but I really love Zarah.  Seeing them more often would be a major perk of a job in CT. 
Pauly, Lia, and Zarah (May 2010)
  • For my Urban Space and Health class final project, we need to create a poster/movie/podcast about "participating in the city".  After meeting with my professor, I decided to do a movie about being the Area Coordinator for the GDF and film puppies participating in the city.  I think it will be fun and, as my professor says, how can you not win with puppies?
  • The Daily Show: I must say, Jon, you disappointed me.  After seeing Colbert, I had my hopes up for Jon Stewart.  I like his show better, I think he's smarter, and I think he's kinder.  I was so psyched to see him live.  Major letdown.  Everything from the interns who greet you and psych you up, to the warm-up comedian, to the q&a, to the show was so much worse than Colbert.  At Jon Stewart, I felt like I was just watching the show, with an audience about 3 times the size of the Report, and it didn't seem like Jon was enjoying it or enjoying our presence.  At Colbert, I felt like I was chilling with Stephen and that he was feeding off our energy and vice versa.  I still like the Daily Show better, but if you are going to see one live, I give Colbert 5 stars and Jon 3 for the fun-factor and the entertainment factor.  
  • Haircut: I had the greatest haircut yesterday.  Julie, the best stylist ever, always does such a good job and I find the salon really relaxing.  For the first time, she blew it out straight yesterday after the cut and I got to feel pretty all day.  Unfortunately, this April showers thing cut the prettiness short, but it was fun while it lasted.  I have yet to see it curly, but I think it's really short!
Paulywog isn't feeling well, so we have been doing lots of snuggling and taking it easy.  I woke up at 2am and at 7am to take him outside because I didn't want any accidents and both times he just looked at me like "Leave me alone, mom, I'm trying to sleep".  He was right, I packed him so full of rice he didn't need to go.  We both went back to sleep and snoozed until 12:30.  He's still snoozing.
Sweet, sick Paulywog


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love that fact you have Zarah on a leash too!!

  2. Hahaha, Erin, she's holding the end of Pauly's leash and "helping" me walk him (which actually serves the purpose of leashing her). I would totally put my kid on a leash, though!