Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sick As a Dog

Just when I thought Paulywog was getting better, he took a turn for the worse last night.  Sorry if this is TMI, but there is nothing like emergency bloody diarrhea hours after your vet closes for 2 days to really make you curse the powers that be.  Pauly and I are, unfortunately, pros at the bloody diarrhea emergencies.  His fecal always come back negative and a week of Metranidizole fixes him up. Why am I so cheap that I didn't just take him yesterday when the vet was still opened? I always struggle with whether the vet visit is really necessary and then end up thinking the post-visit relief was worth every penny. Like all life lessons, that one never seems to stick long enough to get me through the next health crisis.

Kicking myself in the ass for thinking he was getting better and didn't need to go to the vet, I called Dr. Fierman's office at 8:45pm and left a message saying something along the lines of "I think your office is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but Pauly is sick and if you happen to come in and could give us some antibiotics that would be awesome".  At 11pm Dr. Fierman called back and left a voicemail for me saying "Pauly shouldn't wait until Thursday.  Please take him to the emergency hospital on 55th street tomorrow.  Call me back anytime tonight, you won't be disturbing me".  Dr. Fierman is the best vet in the entire world (Cathedral Dog and Cat Hospital).

So how do you get a 70lb lab from 110th street to 55th street when he isn't allowed on public transportation?  I've heard there are emergency pet ambulances, but that seems extreme.  Not to mention, how much would an emergency vet cost?

He wasn't any better this morning so I spent an hour pouring over online reviews of emergency hospitals and local vets.  It's a Tuesday, so luckily many vets in my neighborhood are open.  The emergency vet would have cost $150 for the visit + any tests and meds.  Let's not forget that I do not currently have any income.  Not to mention the challenge with getting him there.  Reading the reviews from people whose dogs had true medical emergencies, I also didn't feel like all the technology and intensive care was really necessary for our current case.  Luckily, a local vet agreed to see him.  $212 later, fecal tests were negative and he got a week of Metranidizole ($7).  The skies opened up and we got soaked in a downpour on the walk home.  Pauly and I both need a hug and a smile today.

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