Friday, April 29, 2011

NYC Puppy Class

When the weather starts getting nice, the Long Island puppy group comes to NYC for a monthly puppy class.  It's important to expose the dogs to the new sounds, smells, and activity of the city
Sophie's sister!  Can you believe it?
.  Especially when the pups are accustomed to peaceful suburbs.  Today was the first puppy class since last Fall and it was a great big success.  13 people and 11 dogs (9 black labs + Sophie + Poodle) did obedience work in Riverside Park and went to the dog run for play time.  Then we all walked over for lunch at Big Nick's.  Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to find a restaurant in Manhattan that welcomes (or has room for) 11 wiggly, squirmy, panting puppies.  I was so pleasantly surprised that they didn't give us a huge hassle.  They even brought us ice cubes for the pups and cleaned up a little pee accident!  The dogs did remarkably well in the restaurant, literally piled on top of each other under the tables.  Unfortunately, it was hard for the humans to have a conversation, eat, and keep the dogs in line, so I have no idea how the food was and didn't get much opportunity to catch up with my puppy raiser friends.  On the other hand, the day went down without a hitch (aside from the bitchy waitress who made a huge fuss about her asthma/allergy attack).  The BEST part was that Sophie got to play with her sister, who is over 60 pounds (to Sophie's 45) and black, but otherwise has the same silly temperament.  Sophie and I both really enjoyed getting to know her a little bit better.


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