Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is what I came home to this morning:
I had to tip-toe in to get this picture
"Oh, hi mom" - said in the best Eeyore voice you can muster
I had a lovely coffee date yesterday with two of the most stand-up gentlemen I know, Luis and Tuesday.  As we leave Starbucks, Luis scolds Tuesday, who is charging ahead into the beautiful day, "Tuesday!  Ladies first!" and Tuesday drops into a heel to let me go ahead.  It was a glorious, hot day in NYC and I can't think of a better way to spend it than by sitting outside, sipping iced tea, and listening to Luis talk, bounce ideas, and tell stories while getting "snuggles" from Tuesday (Pauly will be perfecting the "snuggles" command ASAP).  Tuesday convinced me that he really is the most emotionally intelligent dog I've ever met.  In true Golden fashion, he wants to be in the middle of the conversation and/or on top of its participants at all times.  However he alternates laps and leans with the skill of an experienced party host who knows just when to bounce to their next guest.  As they showed off their arsenal of party tricks, I was most impressed by his "whisper" command, which means to bark softly.  It took a couple of loud barks, but then he whispered a hushed bark.  I'm sure you dog handlers can appreciate the difficulty of teaching this one!  Luis and Tuesday have achieved a unification that we hope all our dogs will achieve with their partners.  They are truly different aspects of one personality - Tuesday the goofy, outgoing side and Luis the pensive, noble side. 
I suggest you check out their website, pre-order their book, and pencil in the nearest book talk/pawtographing event near you.  I promise it will be your pleasure meeting these guys.


  1. How did Pauly get under the cover??

  2. i leave my bed all messy so it's easy for him to burrow under if he wants to and then come back out. he almost never wants to, though, which makes this particularly funny.

  3. The pleasure was ours, Lia. Not only is it so delightfully rare that we get to speak with someone who has a deep appreciation and understanding of assistance dogs, but it's lovely to chat with you -- someone who has committed herself academically, professionally and altruistically to helping people through animal assisted care. We're glad and proud to have you, Pauly and Phoebe as friends. Thank you, Lia. <3