Saturday, February 4, 2012


Our weekend visitor is Miss Sevilla.  She is one of ECAD's Spanish Girls (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Valencia).  She's a 9-month old black lab/golden retriever cross and she's a little devil (but in a fun way).  Her house manners are awesome, but she's filled with energy and can be totally bonkers.  Her real crazies come out when she gets a hold of Pauly's pink squeaky ball (pink is a manly color for the manliest of mature Paulywogs).  A brief reminder for me that puppies are fun, but puppies are definitely work (literally, they are best left at work)!  We took a walk around the Tarrytown Reservoir today with the two pups and Pauly rocked his adventure pack, bringing great pleasure to passing children.

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