Sunday, November 13, 2011

NYC Veteran's Day Parade

On Friday, Pauly and I marched in the NYC Veteran's Day Parade with our ECAD family.  It was a very chilly November day, and while I complained bitterly for the 3 hours before the parade began, I actually enjoyed myself once we got marching.  The whole time, I was hoping that Pauly wouldn't take a dump in the middle of the parade route (he didn't! yay!).  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.
Together only a week and the bond is already there.  Tucker snuggles up to new client, Shane.
PJ, Lu and Dale's grandson, with Pauly.

Russel Jr. and Aries look cool in their shades, but Pauly can't manage to keep his on.
Pauly sporting his Veteran's Day Pride

Reese wearing Phil's cavalry cap

Comforting each other on the ECAD float
My two favorite foot-warmers

PJ walking Pauly, who managed to perfect his "hold" command with the American Flag

Goofy Reesey

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