Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sleep Training

While much of the office is out on vacation, I've been put in charge of running the kennel and keeping the dogs, boys, and volunteers alive and flowing smoothly.  Silly me, I was looking forward to a taking it easy post-train-the-trainer.  Evidently, last night, when I finally fell asleep after a fun dinner in the city with my friends, my roommate heard me talking and came in to see what I was saying.  In my sleep, I was, apparently, giving dog commands.  "Off! No! Down!".  If I don't watch out they're gonna put me in a padded room soon.

After a night full of training dream dogs, I show up at work this morning to do my 7am kennel management duties and find one of my dogs has pooped in her kennel and proceeded to cover every square inch of herself and her kennel in feces.  Thrilled to be out of the poop-cave, she bounded out of her kennel, jumping all over me, spreading poop on me, the floors, the walls, etc.  An hour and a half later, she was bathed, runs were bleached, kennel was cleaned, floors were mopped, 15 other dogs were busied and fed, and Lia was a very cranky human.  As a quick day-fixer, I got a VENTI latte (which I never do) and took Pauly on a super-fast exercise walk, which both of us desperately needed.

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  1. Giving dog commands in your sleep.. that is soooooo funny!!!!!