Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sophie's In-For-Training

Just got that dreaded email... it's time for Sophie to go to college.  Like most parents, I feel a mixture of pride and dread that her time has come.  She is still so immature, only 48 pounds, and it really doesn't feel like she could possibly be ready for her formal training at the Guide Dog Foundation.  However, I trust that they will figure her out and, in many ways, it will be nice to have an answer to the "what's gonna happen with Sophie?" question.  For a year now we've been wondering if she will be a guide dog, a vet dog, a service dog, a breeder, or a pet.  Even though it is months away, her in for training is the first step to answering that question. 

Once she goes in for training, the week of July 25, we won't see her again until she graduates.  We will get vague updates every two months and maybe some pictures.  It's going to be hard, especially on my parents, but I know she'll be fine in the kennel and will have a blast with her roommate.  Hopefully I'll get a break in train-the-trainer so I can see her before she goes!

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